From proactive security monitoring to secure network architecture design, our services are tailored to fortify your organization against emerging cyber threats and keep your data safe.

We offer IT system support as a managed service.

What does that mean?

Our experienced technicians look after your IT systems using management software and are thus optimally reported on the "health status" of your IT environment at all times. That way, when annoyance arises, we experience it many times before you even grasp it. This enables us to act sufficiently early on and prevent the problem from escalating. In addition, we can automate specific routine tasks and consequently offer them to you more cost-effectively than if we were to do everything “on foot”. Should the situation require the personal presence of a technician, we would be happy to sit down with you and create a maintenance plan tailored to you.

We do that for you

Together with you, we select the appropriate from a range of services for the ideal operation of your IT systems, e.g.

  • Remote support
  • Patch management
  • Security updates and other essential updates are set up automatically.
  • Monitoring
  • Monitor the event logs of your servers and computers.
  • Backup monitoring
  • We check your data backup to ensure that the process works periodically and completely
  • Purchasing & assembly
  • Should you need newfangled system components or peripherals, we will be happy to take over for you

We offer selected product packages for server and client computers. With our managed services, we keep an eye on your entire IT landscape at all times. Upon request, you will automatically receive a user account for our control center and can get an overview of the health of your systems at any time.


  • Proactive device monitoring and alerting
  • Centralized security and network management
  • Universal dashboard for customizable, user-centered reporting
  • Intelligent reporting and visualization of activities
  • Control center logging
  • Application traffic analyzes
  • Flexible application options
  • Extensive cross-platform support
  • Offline management of Firewall systems
  • Daily backup of the firewall

configuration - Efficient VPN connection of locally distributed branch firewalls With Certificus ™ WebCheck, companies of all types and sizes can scan their websites and digital platforms for malicious code and weak points in networks, web applications and SSL certificates. The daily check of your website is based on the award-winning and globally leading technology from Qualys.

What does that mean?

  • Comprehensive examination of the IT network on site
  • Non-intrusive scan of the WAN and LAN side of your network using certified scanners
  • Assessment of the setting and evaluation of the existing security measures
  • Annotated investigation of the current network security situation
  • Instructions for eliminating the weak points - on request in cooperation with your IT department
  • Final investigation and documentation
  • Experienced IT consultants in a small but strong group

We offer you

  • Expertise in understanding with many years of experience in the IT industry
  • Technological expertise and innovative solutions
  • Consistent IT concept
  • Calculable costs
  • Security and Availability

At CyberOptics, experienced and competent IT consultants are at your disposal would be happy to assist you in developing a solution tailored to your requirements

  • Manage streaming video
  • Group-based bandwidth management
  • Checking on outgoing web mail
  • Use predefined applications
  • Blocking FTP Uploads
  • Review via P2P applications
  • Manage streaming music files
  • Prioritization of bandwidth for applications
  • Blocking intimate documents
  • Block prohibited files with warning message

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